Postgraduate studies versus project management training – for whom

Postgraduate studies vs. project management training – for whom?

Project management is important in virtually all industries. Smaller or larger projects are planned and implemented in every company. The term projects can be used to describe anything that has a planned beginning and end. In organizations that are considered leaders in their industry, there are entire departments responsible for project management. Specialists in this area can also be found in smaller companies, where there is at least one Project Manager.

Looking at the development ofoj technology and changes in the labor market, you can see that project management is increasingly important. Postgraduate courses on the subject are increasingly being opened at universities, and training companies are providing courses on. What to choose, wanting to specialize in the field of project management?

For whom project management training, and for whom studies?

Both solutions are noteworthy, but for other osob. Everything depends on what knowledge we have before we start further education and what our goal is. Postgraduate studies are most often chosen by those whooThose who know nothing or little about management. Wybor of such a direction will allow you to acquire the basics, without whichorych it would be difficult to start working as a Project Manager. However, studies take a long time, sometimes even two years. On top of that, it is practically just lectures, so theoretical knowledge. Meanwhile, a project management specialist must have roalso practical knowledge.

Project management training is perfect for someone who wants to improve their skills. He is a manager and works on projects on a daily basis, but he intends to improve his work and that of his team. Project management training is conducted by an experienced Project Manager. Many workshops are emergingow and practical problemsow. In this way, the training has the character of exercises. No theory, rather analysis of specific situations. Someore training is very specific and may be in a particular area, such as methodology. It is also an opportunity to discuss your projectow and solutions with other management professionals.


And project management studies and training are associated with a number of benefits. In the first place, we get confirmation in the form of a diploma or certificate. In the case of studiow we can learn about a new industry and verify that project management is something we want to specialize and work in. Besides, project management is considered one of the most forward-looking majorsow. Fachowcomore and more will be sought in this field.

In contrast, when it comes to training, we hone our skills. We are an increasingly valued employee and are able to guide the team and the project so that it is completed on time and the work itself is carried out to the highest standardsow. The better the education and experience with project management, the better prospects await the manager. Not only in Polish companies. Can successfully apply for employment at multinational companies.